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Audiobooks are growing. Once recorded so blind people could enjoy books, more and more people are enjoying audio books as they go about their day.

If you’re driving or walking through town, you don’t want to be distracted by reading. It’s much easier to put in your headphones and listen to a good narrator reading the book for you.

If you’re the rights holder, you want to make sure that the narrator you choose has a strong delivery. Their voice is going to represent your book, and people are going to be listening to the voice for hours. The right voice brings your book to life.

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Passive Income Freedom

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The voice you choose has to be clear, as we can’t control where people’re listening. Is it at home? Is it in the car? On the train? Through cheap in-ear headphones, or are they using the latest noise cancelling over the ear phones? Because we don’t know that, you need to choose a clear voice with good diction that works for the book you’ve written.

I have an accent that’s very natural for non-fiction narration, and is soft enough for fiction reads, too. In terms of placement, it’s from Hertfordshire, though has a twinge of a Nottingham voice as well.

I’ll work with you, providing samples of delivery beforehand so you can provide feedback before I record the whole book. I want your audiobook to be a success.

With a home studio, I can deliver good quality audio to Audible standards, with a low noise floor and clean sound.