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Actor. Voice over. Presenter. Pro-wrestling. Comedian. You could say I’m versatile.

I’ve got a sporting background (2nd Dan Taekwondo, yoga, the aforementioned pro wrestling), so I’m comfortable with fight sequences and basic stunt work. Came in handy when I appeared on The One Show in a spot on wrestling.

I can play a range of characters, from sadistic villains to love interests (or why not combine the two?).

I’m confident with ADR, documentary narrations, e-learning modules, and character voices.

As a presenter I’m a naturally friendly authority, with a range of interests. I’m always up for trying new things and giving my reactions.

Oh, and in 2019 I added stand-up comedy to my repertoire. A rather cheeky, pun and story-based sense of humour goes a long way, and breaks up the long hours on location or on set.

Karl was a pleasure to work with. He remained professional throughout and provided a great voiceover for our new marketing video Phil Evans, EIDO Healthcare
Karl Brown is one of those class acts, a gentleman but a man with true grit. He reminds me of the days when screens came alive through the charisma of the actor and not the CGI.Phil Gardiner, Reality Films