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A well-trained voice for your business

You can hear the difference between a trained voice and someone grabbed from the office and shoved in front of a microphone. A trained voice makes the copy come alive, while the untrained voice sounds like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

If you can hear that, your clients will, too.

The untrained voice is like asking someone with no music training to play Flight of the Bumblebee just because they’ve got 10 fingers.

Most communication isn’t what you say

Only a tiny part of communication is the actual words you use. Much more is how those words are said – the tone, speed, delivery. People trust words when they’re said in a believable way. Using a professional voiceover makes sure your audience gets your message first time.

A trained talent engages the listener. They can move the listener to action. They can make sure the key information sticks.

Voiceover artists are influencers that give your message that push it needs.

A good voiceover works with you

I have a background in project management, so I know the importance of understanding requirements. I work with all my clients to understand what their goal is. Is it conversions? Is it information?

Do you need a commercial voice over that can do whacky, a hard sell, or a soft sell?

Is this an e-learning course where it’s key that all your staff understand the new process or law?

Is it a documentary where you’re trying to move people to action?

You can hear samples on this page, or if you have something specific in mind, I can send a custom demo from one of your scripts. If you’re still working on the script, let me know the rough area and I’ll find something with a similar vibe.

I prefer working with clients listening in at a studio so we can iron out the details. I start the session by giving different styles of read, making sure we get the style that works best for you. From there I’ll read through the script, and if there’s time at the end I might offer a suggestion on a particularly sticky piece of phrasing. I know writing for the voice is a specific skill, so I’ll do this after we have what’s written down in the can and ready to go.

My natural accent is Hertfordshire new town, a softer version of RP, with a rural Nottingham edge. I can switch into the Hertfordshire accent and RP when the project needs it.

I’m based in central Nottingham with excellent transport links, so if you need me at a studio in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich or wherever, I can get there.

I also have a range of character archetypes, including geeks and scientists, cold-hearted killers, whacky monsters, and love interests.

If you’ve got a project in mind or have any questions at all, you can reach me on 07761 593 745 (phone and WhatsApp) and I’ll be happy to have a chat.

And, if we decide my voice isn’t right for this role, I have contacts with other talent that I’ll be able to suggest.

How much does it cost?

Voiceover rates are made of two parts:

  1. Basic Studio Fee, which covers the time taken in studio to record and edit the lines
  2. Buyout, which covers usage and licencing

Every project is unique. I charge based on the rate guide from Gravy for the Brain, which lets you filter down projects by country and genre. As I’m an Equity member, UK projects also take Equity rates into account.

I’m happy to give you a quote if you contact me about a job. I’m also happy to chat through requirements before giving a quote. Any quote is non-committal and will be broken down into a studio fee and what the buyout would be.

Do you have your own voice over studio?

I do. I have a Kube vocal isolation booth in Nottingham city centre with everything set up. So, if you’ve got a rush job, I can usually turn the raw audio around within 24 hours (depending on length).

Voice over samples

Commercial reel

Audio clips

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